One of Japan’s largest information sites for furniture and furnishings.

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Tabroom is one of Japan’s largest information sites for furniture and furnishings, featuring four services to help users find the right furniture for them.

Four services:

  • 1. Information on furniture and interior goods listed in some 900 catalogs
  • 2. Information on nearly 9,000 home furnishings stores
  • 3. Ideas for coordinating furniture and furnishings, sorted by room images
  • 4. An email newsletter dedicated to information on home furnishings

Working together with more than 530 Japanese and international furniture manufacturers and brands, actual furniture owners, and interior coordinators, the site delivers accurate information in the aim to offer more furniture and furnishings choices to users.

Tabroom Web site

Smartphone site

The optimized version takes all of the features offered on the Tabroom site and brings them to the user’s smartphone. Products found from the user’s computer at home on the Tabroom website can be bookmarked for easy reference when visiting furniture and furnishings stores.


Tabroom App

Tabroom Smartphone site

Tabroom Store

The Tabroom Store is the official online store for select furniture and furnishings featured on the Tabroom information site. Users can find a selection of more than 2,900 designer and brand name items from Japanese and international manufacturers. All items are official products and are covered under warranty. With carefully screened, quality products, delivery with unpacking and installation, and the ability to earn and use Recruit Points for purchases, the Tabroom Store delivers quality services so that users can find furniture that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Tabroom store