A sperm self-check service, done by your smartphone.


You can immediately measure your sperm concentration and motility just by taking a video of your semen by using the smartphone app and the special microscope lens.
The condition of your sperm can differs due to factors such as your physical condition and your environment. You are able to get an idea of the general condition of your sperm by plotting the results of several measurements on a graph, and showing the average result values.

We aim to give a motivation for men to have an exam at a medical institution and change awareness and behavior regarding men’s fertility and infertility treatment.

*iPhone only. For the list of compatible devices, please refer to the website.


An application analyzes semen, measuring sperm count and mobility almost immediately

While application may only be used with the Seem Kit, it can be used right away

Because factors like physical condition and environment can have a huge effect on sperm, average values from the results of multiple measurements are displayed in graph form, allowing the user to check sperm condition and identify trends