Hot Pepper Gourmet

Hot Pepper Gourmet

An online booking site that allows users to search and book restaurants, read up on restaurant information, and find restaurant coupons.

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Hot Pepper Gourmet is one of Japan’s largest comprehensive restaurant information sites. Users can search by preferences like preferred date, and narrow the search down to show only specific restaurants like drinking establishments for parties, restaurants for lunch use, all-you-can-eat restaurants, or popular restaurants. Filled with restaurant coupons, the site makes booking a restaurant even more rewarding by offering reward points for reservations made online in addition to the discount received for using the coupons.

Smartphone site

The smartphone version of Hot Pepper Gourmet is optimized for iPhone and smartphone screens with useful features and large images to make it easy to browse and search for restaurant information. Offering the ability to check availability before booking a restaurant, the smartphone site is a convenient way to quickly find a restaurant while on the go.

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Reservations can be made immediately from the app after checking availability.


Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app allows users to search restaurants listed on the Hot Pepper Gourmet site by keyword, current location, area, or other preferences 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere. Reservations can be made immediately after checking availability, offering a quick and convenient way to find the right restaurant for every occasion.