Hot Pepper Beauty

Hot Pepper Beauty

One of Japan’s largest search and booking sites for hair, relaxation, and beauty salons.

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Hot Pepper Beauty is one of Japan’s largest search and booking sites for hair salons, relaxation salons, and beauty salons. Searches can be performed by specifying a desired appointment time and date or by browsing hairstyle albums, user reviews, coupons, or other information. Additionally, users who book appointments online will earn Ponta points equivalent to 2% of every transaction. The site offers information on a wide variety of services, including hair, nails, eyelash extensions, chiropractic and relaxation services, beauty treatments, and more, so that users can find the right salon for them.

Easy-to-use features and large images for convenient browsing.


With easy-to-use features and large images, the Hot Pepper Beauty smartphone app makes it easy for users to browse salon information from iPhone and smartphone screens. Users can access the app to search and book relaxation and beauty salons 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere.


This coupon magazine helps people in their quest to look more attractive through its focus on providing information on hair salons, relaxation salons, and beauty salons. It includes salon information, photos of the latest popular hairstyles and nail designs, and commentary about the general atmosphere of the salons. QR codes let users access more in-depth information on the Hot Pepper Beauty site (this service is not available for all salons). Packed with monthly features and editorials based on the current season and latest trends, editions of Hot Pepper Beauty magazine for the four areas of Tokyo (Shibuya and Ebisu, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Ginza) are distributed on the last Friday of every month.

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