Ningen Dock no Coco Karada

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Healthy life expectancy is a health measure that estimates the years of life that will be spent in good health.
In this regard, regular medical exams improve the chances of early detection before problems become serious, allowing for more treatment options and a higher survival rate. To cite an example, a whole-body PET scan that screens for cancer can detect tumors that are 10 mm in size before symptoms develop, making it possible to apply curative treatments such as minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and radiation therapy.

Ningen Dock no Cocokarada is a site that offers a wide range of complete and organ- or system-specific medical exam options. With a variety of price ranges available, users can compare the tests performed and find the right medical exam for them.

Mobile site

The Mobile site version functions the same as the website, allowing users to find, compare, and request appointments for medical exams from their Mobile at any time. Once the user requests an appointment for a selected medical exam and preferred date and time, the medical institution will call the user to confirm the appointment date, time, and other details.

Searches can also be filtered by area and by railway line so that users can find medical institutions nearby.