Pet Salon Board

A business support service that centrally manages reservations and customer information for pet grooming salons.


Pet Salon Board is a business support service that allows pet grooming salons to centrally manage schedules, customer information, pet information, and reservations.

For many groomers, managing reservations and customers on computers while also providing grooming services is a source of stress. Based on their input, Pet Salon Board is designed to be easy to use and streamlines operations for pet grooming salons.

A customer history feature makes it easy to manage reservations and view customer histories, making interactions with customers more meaningful. Pet Salon Board is cloud-based and allows groomers to use the service even when transporting pets on the go. Groomers can also share their schedules publicly, which reduces the time spent fielding inquiries and lets groomers focus on their core services. The result is improved customer satisfaction. By offering a customer experience that was not possible with traditional reservation and customer management methods, Pet Salon Board increases unit value and customer visit frequency for pet grooming salons.