Ponpare Mall to start shipping to Tmall Global, China’s largest shopping mall, this summer
- Arrangement gives retailers a one-stop outsourcing solution for shipping to Tmall Global, translation, settlement, and delivery -



Recruit Lifestyle co., ltd.

Tmall Global, operated by the Alibaba Group, is one of China’s largest online shopping sites. Aiming to begin shipping products to Tmall Global, “Ponpare Mall,” the online shopping site operated by Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo;President and Representative Director: Ken Asano), has signed an outsourcing agreement and launched preparations with C2J Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuichiro Ohno), a subcontractor that establishes and operates stores on Tmall Global. The tie-up will enable retailers with shops on Ponpare Mall to ship standard-compliant products at no initial costs and no fixed costs, paving the way for entry into the cross-border EC market in China.

◆Ponpare Mall:http://www.ponparemall.com



With the numbers of foreign visitors to Japan climbing, Chinese tourists have become one of the most prominent tourist segments in the country thanks to their tremendous purchasing power and predilection for bakugai(“explosive buying”). The high levels of consumer activity have helped popularize and fuel demand for Japanese brands in China.
Tmall launched the cross-border “Tmall Global” EC platform, which boasts approximately 65 million active members (as of May 2016) to make it one of China’s largest online shopping sites, in September 2013. As Tmall Global allows for direct shipments from Japan to China, the primary benefit of the platform is that it enables merchants to ship “made-in-Japan” products—which Chinese consumers place substantial trust in—to a market where Japanese companies have traditionally had trouble gaining a solid footing. The complicated process of registering with Tmall and the challenges of actually operating shop on the platform, however, have limited the number of Japanese companies on the site to a handful of top-tier EC providers. Ponpare Mall thus signed an outsourcing agreement with C2J Japan Co., Ltd., which sets up and operates Tmall Global shops for other companies on commission. The partners have now started making the necessary preparations in hopes of beginning shipments to Tmall Global this summer.
Thanks to these efforts, Ponpare Mall shops looking to market standard-compliant products in China will be able to get a one-stop agency service covering everything from product shipment and translation to settlement and delivery—all without incurring any initial costs or fixed costs. Translations of product information will be done by actual translators, not computers, to ensure that the results are accurate and convey the elements and concepts that give the products their appeal. Chinese consumers will also be able to pay via Alipay, an international settlement service that lets users buy products in yuan (the domestic currency) and thereby eliminates concerns about exchange rate fluctuation. With the features that the new tie-up offers, retailer shops will be able to boost both their sales and name recognition in China withoutever having to set up a local corporation.

About Tmall Global

Jack Ma founded the Alibaba Group in 1999 with the aim of making the Internet something that everyone could feel comfortable with and trust. Currently, the Alibaba Group provides online transaction platforms, settlement services, cloud computing, andother services for B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) commerce. “Tmall” is one of the Alibaba Group’s services. Created in 2008 to provide Chinese consumers with high-quality, high value-added products, the comprehensive Tmall online shopping site—which boasts more online traffic than any competitor in the Chinese market—launched the cross-border “Tmall Global” EC platform in September 2013.


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