Message from the President

Our vision is to create more chances for people and communities to connect in order to bring more smiles to more faces in the world. We will do our best to offer new opportunities to add something extra to everyday life in the aim to contribute to the development and growth of local communities.

As a major player in the daily consumer goods market, we use our strong customer interfaces and tap into our IT expertise to launch new businesses and spark innovation. Our online reservation systems we created for Jalan, Hot Pepper Gourmet, Hot Pepper Beauty, and other services continue to enjoy widespread popularity. They have drawn, for a consecutive time, more users than any other company in the industry. From the momentum of these successes, Recruit Lifestyle is also working to expand services like Restaurant Board, Salon Board, AirRegi, and AirPay, which will allow clients to focus on their core business by enhancing management efficiency, streamlining operations, and tackle other customer issues. Our solid, nationwide customer interfaces and ever-evolving IT capabilities open up avenues for us to offer new opportunities that address customer issues, making it possible to stimulate consumption and contribute to the development of local communities. Although Japan is a mature market with still many potential opportunities, there are imbalances in accessing those opportunities. Our unwavering mission as a company is, and always will be, to eliminate the imbalances and serve society with a source of new opportunities. Setting our sights on the future, we are determined to fulfill those aims with the sense of speed and urgency that it takes to be the vanguard of change.

April 2019 Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Ken Asano

Recruit Group Management Philosophy

As its management philosophy, the Recruit Group pursues its mission and way. For more details, please click here.